How has your company adapted to significant disruptions in business? 

Companies everywhere have been mandated to adapt to a work-from-home business model in an effort to cull the spread of COVID-19. In an instant, IT departments found themselves assessing their ability to discover and protect sensitive data as thousands of employees continue to share and receive information from home. 

Download our free Security Insight, “First Principles of Data Security: 4 Questions to Ask When Business Is Disrupted” to understand: 

  • How to determine what data is most sensitive  
  • Where is it located – and who can access it? 
  • What protects it? 

How Can We Help? 

PKWARE has been a trusted name in protecting the world's most sensitive information for over 30 years. With more than 35,000 customers spanning government agencies and global corporations, PKWARE data security software protects data, eliminating vulnerabilities and reducing the risks associated with security breaches wherever and whenever data is used, shared or stored.